Garrett’s exceptional career began while he was studying fine art in Florence, Italy.  An inspirational salon experience refocused Garrett’s creativity toward hair.  Garrett then trained at the renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California. 

Garrett has based himself in his home town of Valencia, California as both a master stylist and a lead educator in many salons inspiring a following of up and coming stylists. His clients consist of a wide range of people including models, actors, and musicians.  His work has also been featured in fashion and salon editorials.

In October 2008, Garrett opened his first salon, Garrett Markenson Coiffure. The salon is completely designed by Garrett Markenson andis a collection of Santa Clarita’s finest stylists. 

In 2009, Garrett created his product line,  REVERIE. A Luxury Botanical Hair Care line careful handcrafted in California.  Sustainable sourcing ingredients from small farms around the world. Currently sold in Sephora and 12 countries around the world.


Lindsay is a fun loving free spirit with a thirst for success. She is a Southern California girl to her core. Her whimsical imagination and limitless sense of inspiration benefit her in this creative field. Her passion for hair began at the young age of sixteen. She craved an artistic outlet so once she found the beauty industry, it was love at first touch. 

Lindsay believes hair is a fragile fabric that should be treated with the utmost delicacy. Her priority is to make your hair feel better than it started out every time you sit in her chair, regardless of the severity of the service. 

Lindsay completed her schooling at Paul Mitchell the School as an elite member of the Phase II program. After completing cosmetology school she continued her education with Toni and Guy extended classes and Paul Mitchell higher education seminars as well. She has a passion for blonding and helping out her fellow curl and frizz challenged ladies. She is certified in the Keratin Complex smoothing treatment as well as So Cap and Dream Catchers extensions.


Born in Rosario, Argentina and raised in sunny SoCal, Cory serves a loyal clientele of women, men and children from her chair in Valencia, CA's best salon, Coiffure. Cory has more than 15 years of experience as a stylist, trained as a colorist at Redken in New York City, and honed her cutting talents at the Toni & Guy Academy in Santa Monica.

Cory is a self-diagnosed foodie and lover of all things fashion & beauty (especially shoes!). When she's not changing people lives from behind her chair, Cory can be found shopping her favorite designers, sipping on a delicious old world wine, or whipping up something scrumptious and healthy in her


Growing up in a family as the only girl, outnumbered by her 3 brothers, Kelly was really forced to stay in touch with her feminine side. So, naturally, She took a huge interest in all things extra girly and hairstyling was high on the list. After ruining many dolls hair, and later realizing that school just really wasn't her "thing", she found her true calling. 

In 2006, directly after High School, She attended Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica. After assisting in Los Angeles for a couple of years, She then found her way to Coiffure. She quickly finished off her assistantship with Garrett and really feels she was trained by the best. 

Kelly has now been with Coiffure for over 6 years specializing in color and extensions. For all of you blonde bombshells, Kelly is your go to girl. She has a lot to be proud of in both her professional and personal life. With a loving husband by her side along with family, friends, and a wonderful team of hairstylists, she is so blessed to have found her niche at a young age. 


Janelle Harris was born and raised in the Santa Clarita valley. She graduated from Paul Mitchell in Sherman Oaks. Janelle has continued to further her education by taking a cutting course at Vidal Sassoon and many color classes. She believes education is key, and will continue taking education throughout her career. Learning about the current hair trends is what keeps Janelle excited about being a stylist. Right now, natural and lived in hair color is her specialty.




Extension Specialist

While studying at the Vidal Sassoon academy in Santa Monica, Haley found her true passion for hair. With an eye for suitability and a love of the craft she has become one of Santa Clarita's finest hair stylists. 

With eight years experience and the patience of a saint, Haley is sure to give you a look you'll love. She specializes in sun-kissed highlights and hair extensions, but don't let that fool you, as she also has a high volume of male clientele. 

Haley has the expierence to make your hair look great, but beyond that is her talent to connect with people. Above anything else she cherishes her family and is sure to make anyone feel right at home. 



Kristen Perkins has been a stylist at Garrett Markenson since its beginnings.  Specializing in natural lived in color,extensions, and beachy blondes. Kristen loves restoring lifeless locks to their most natural and healthy state.  Her priority is achieving enviable tresses while maintaining the integrity of each clients hair.  Kristen studied at Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and received further education from Nick Arojo in razor cutting, is a certified Keratin treatment specialist, and expert in various forms of extensions.  Plus, this babe gives the best blow-out in town!!!!!!!


Innovative, authentic and idealized are few of countless words used to describe Justine. Growing up, Justine held an independent mindset and was determined to create the future she desired regardless of the struggle needed to endure. While helping raise her two younger brothers, she endeavored to study at the renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica where she later graduated with title “Student Premier” at only 19 years of age. Soon after, she began her journey alongside respected hair stylists at Garrett Markenson Coiffure of Valencia in 2008. There, her career blossomed hand in hand with life into a blessing she cherishes every day.

Being deeply captured by the trade, Justine describes her living as “the ability to combine someone’s inner beauty and personality to then transform it into their physical appearance.” This art form in her profession “allows [her] to have a creative outlet because each client is a different canvas to work on.” Within her passion and love for her work, she has been “able to create personal relationships” through which “each of them has had some influence in [her] career.” 

Now, Justine shares her life with her supportive husband Romeo of three years. When she's not behind the chair, she is taking her creative talent and is using it as a DIY extraordinaire. She continues to discover and construct new projects regularly. Constantly awaiting her upcoming milestones, Justine anticipates the next challenge full of confidence, elegance and conviction.


Roxanne has always had an affinity for styling hair but it took time for her to discover her desire to be a professional. She started her career as a jazz singer and actress. When producers and directors learned of her natural skills, she inevitably ended up designing the hair looks and wigs for the shows she was cast in.... Jump to few years later, after a busy Halloween where she ended up styling 3 wigs for friends and a bevy of pin up beauties, she decided to dedicate her life to cosmetology.  Roxanne attended Paul Mitchell the School Sherman Oaks.

Since she began her professional hairstyling career Roxanne has been lucky enought to have styled hair for film, photoshoots and MANY weddings and special events. Roxanne can currently be found cutting, coloring and styling at Garrett Markenson Coiffure in Santa Clarita, CA. You can experience her talents for yourself by booking an appointment and letting her share her passion with you!


Since she was thirteen years old, growing up in Sherman Oaks, CA, Caitlin began expressing her art through hair. After graduating from Paul Mitchell in 2012, she started her hair career in the heart of Los Angeles. She has always been exposed to different lifestyles, trends, and fashion which has been inspirational to her and her craft. Caitlin loves to create custom, low maintenance hair that always remains blended and beautiful no matter what. She also incorporates texture, movement and volume with each haircut. Caitlin specializes in balayage, babylights, and hair painting, to give you the perfect lived in hair. She is constantly considering the clients natural color, and strives to maintain the integrity of the hair with each service. Her work has been featured on online communities such as Modern Salon, Hair Brained, Behind the Chair, and Pinterest. She has built her business off of her instagram (@caitycaatt) and referrals. She is honored and grateful she gets to do her dream job and build relationships with each client along the way! Caitlin currently works at Garrett Markenson Coiffure salon in Valencia, CA, just north of Los Angeles


Katie is a local of Santa Clarita. Her passion for hair started in high school. She would constantly be asked to do her friends hair and makeup before a dance or date. She fell in love with the feeling of making other people feel and look amazing. Soon after Katie graduated from Valencia High School, she then went on to go to cosmetology school at Vidal Sassoon Academy. There she studied shape and technique and grew to appreciate the craft of hairdressing

After graduating from Sassoon's Katie then went on to assist under Garrett Markenson. Studying different techniques for cutting, coloring, and styling hair. Education is very important to her. She believes that it's essential to keep up with current hair trends. Katie is committed to achieving the look you desire. Book online with Katie for your next appointment and let her make you look and feel your best.


Angela has been working as a stylist in Santa Clarita for 13 years. Taking classes throughout the years at Vidal Sassoon, Bumble and Bumble in NY. Toni and Guy. Nick Arroyo Razor cutting. She has always believed education is the key to inspiration and talent. She has a deep love and passion of her trade. She has always understood shapes and building and or taking away the right amount of weight in a haircut so that they grow out for a long lasting wearable haircut. 

She specializes in natural lived in hair color. But also keeps up with the trends and funky colors. 

She is a mom of two fun, active boys, married and loves her life and all of God’s many blessings. 


Todd McKay is a cutting specialist renowned for his training under the US Regional Director of Sassoon Salon in Beverly Hills. Todd now lives and works between Los Angeles and Seattle, where has brings a strong passion for barbering, short women's cuts and long beachy layers; he also excels in creating precision shapes using scissors only to allow the hair the ability to style naturally and beautifully.


Javier is a Santa Clarita native and when he’s not busy beautifying the valley he enjoys spending time listening to live music and refining his vinyl record collection. His passion for the beauty industry and esthetics lead to a 5 year career as a Beauty Studio Makeup Artist for Sephora in Valencia.  After taking multiple master classes at The Makeup Forever Studios in Beverly Hills he has become known for his attention to detail and his precision winged eyeliner. As well as becoming Garrett Markenson Coiffures resident makeup artist he also works as an educator and makeup artist for Laura Mercier Cosmetics. Because of his obvious passion for what he does Javier’s clients always leave the salon feeling glamorous and glowing.


Joi Webb was born and raised in Santa Clarita. She always loved experimenting with new hair colors, styles, and make up. Due to her perceptible affinity with all things beauty related, she began doing make up for friends and family. After working events ranging from photoshoots to weddings, she felt like something was missing. In 2014, she made the leap into hairdressing and attended Sassoon Academy where she received the Best Look award at her graduation. Upon graduating, she worked at a upscale salon in Beverly Hills specializing in hair cutting. After that, she took some time to grow. When the time was right, she switched gears and happily joined the Garrett Markenson Coiffure Team.



Sierra’s love for hair began at the young age of four. She would sit on the back of the couch and wait for someone to sit down so she could style them with every clip and hair tie she could get her hands on. That love only grew as she got older. Through out high school she would style her friend’s hair and makeup for nights out, proms, or big events. 

Once Sierra finished high school she went to college, but soon realized that the career path she was on wasn’t where her passion lied. She attended the renowned Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California where she earned the title of “Student Premier” for her graduating class. After graduation she took time to go on as many adventures as she could, and find inspiration for the new life she is creating for herself.  

Sierra is now looking forward to building her career and continuing her education as part of the Garrett Markenson Coiffure team.


Cassie was born in Studio City California, her family made the move up to Santa Clarita in 1999. She has been a lead receptionist and worked for Coiffure for a year! 

She is currently studying Forensic Psychology at the College of the Canyons and hopes to one day work for the FBI. 

Cassie's nickname is 'Wild Child' due to her spontaneous nature, and love of all things grunge!


Tiffany is a Santa Clarita native and is a true California girl. A healthy mix of ambition and a laid back attitude would describe Tiffany perfectly. 

After graduating from College of the Canyons with degrees in both Marketing and Accounting, Tiffany is heading to California State University Northridge to pursue her Bachelors degree in Marketing. With these degrees in hand Tiffany hopes to one day become a wedding and event planner.